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smartlab niagara

a PhD practice based research lab 

SMARTlab Niagara is a PhD research lab that connects the best of academia and industry to solve complex problems and build a more resilient community.


While working on my PhD, it became clear that a practice-based PhD was required in Canada. While offering the degree in Inclusive Design + Creative Technology Innovation is a long-term goal of developing space and place for researchers to complete their Ph.D. at SMARTlab in Ireland while working in research clusters to solve wicked problems.


Like any Design thinking project, I started by determining the problem. I worked through the development of the idea, wrote a business plan and set out to find a partner, the Niagara Parks Commission. We have just wrapped up year two. We are on course with a new partnership with Thomas Jefferson University to take on our first 5 Ph.D. candidates in September 2023 and begin work on two innovation projects in XR technology to help build community resilience.


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