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elastic action

Embodiment in multiple future sceanrios using VR can manufacture ba - a place for tacit knowledge discovery

Brainstorming has been proven to be an ineffective way of developing the best creative ideas. I spent over five years researching this issue and creating a new way to surface an individual's potential for creative thinking. One of the issues when considering creative thinking are existing barriers to exploring new ideas. We have mental models and biases that must be cleared. Awe can build accommodation in one's brain to prepare them to accept new thinking. I developed Virtual reality time portals and took people to divergent futures in 2050.


These VR spaces were designed to manufacture ba, a place for tacit knowledge discovery and creation. These liminal experiences created a place through movement, awe and absurdity. Here participants discarded old thinking and developed original creative thinking. I call process  Elastic Action, and the research results prove that this method can potentially create radical thinking to help solve wicked problems.

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